RA is a small press with a big goal. We’re on a mission to tell old stories in new ways.

But not by re-writing Shakespeare or casting a woman in the role of David Copperfield. Although we would buy tickets to that movie! We don’t want to reject the literary tradition we were handed by our father’s fathers, and their fathers before them. But it’s time to listen to more stories, hear more voices, take different things for granted, and begin to build a new normal. 

To put it in a cheesy way, we’re here to practice and learn and get reasonably good at doing awesome things.

Our Anchors:

In an ever-changing world, we all need to hang on to principles that won’t change and drift with every tide. RA has five areas we intend to focus on. We can stretch the rope sometimes, but we hope the following ideas will keep up moored as we weather the storms of life.

Creative Boldness.
Take the Risk. Seek growth, competency, and be bold. Be willing to try anything once. Especially if you can remove any elements of the risk. Especially, especially if you’re willing to fail and learn from the failure.

Kindness and Respect.
Get good at patience and apologies. Honor our traditions while we expand them to include new people and ideas. Assume the best of others as we learn.

Look for the Story
(for Yourself and Others) Look for growth. Assume there’s a reason you don’t understand. Look for alternate stories and motivations. Listen. Practice creative constraints.

Humor. Openness. Trust. Ask questions. Look for answers. Remember that the problems can change — and that can change the answer.

Community and Faith.
Remember why we are on this reasonable awesome journey. All the projects we work on are aiming to bring people more and more into the Gospel Kingdom and to help us learn to love and serve one another.

Let’s get reasonable at something awesome.